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Tuesday, October 17, 2017 4:33:42 AM

Why do we lie? essays Oops, I just told a lie. It was a little white lie but still, I lied. Why did I lie? What an interesting thought: Why? After thinking about this most complex question I came up with a variety of reasons why people find justification in lying. Be mindful that most of my thoughts stem from books or articles I have read about the not so honest cpm homework help geometry online work living in society. I know someone who has made bad choices about life that directly affected people close to her and she told lies as a means to escape the reality of those bad choices. When I cpm homework help geometry online work her why she chose to lie about something that impacted someone else in such a profound way, the response was, “Doesn’t it make everything easier that my dad never finds out, I am how to write differential equations about what I did and I don’t want to hurt anyone else.” I am steadfast on my assumption that all lies trace back to the assumption that it will benefit the person who told the lie. Envision a scenario involving the compilation of your resume. Most people are tempted to lie about experience on their resumes to gain the benefits of a better job that they are not necessarily capable of performing. From “Lies! Lies!!, Lies!!! : The psychology of deceit” by Professor Charles Ford, “Reporter Janet Cooke lied on her resume when she applied to the Washington Post and on a resume she submitted to the Pulitzer Prize committee. This was discovered only after she had won a 1981 Pulitzer for her story about an 8-year-old heroin addict. That Informative speech tattoos to unmasking an even bigger lie: She had faked the winning story.” We lie for all sorts of reasons. We lie to glorify the perception of who we are to other people. We lie sometimes rhetorical analysis proofreading site ca because it so easy to say what someone else wants to hear, after we all are human and deep down seek the approval of our peers and superiors so why not help our cause in any way that we can? According to the Internet article “Why people Lie” by Mark Kendall These lies can s.

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