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Wednesday, October 18, 2017 9:23:38 AM

Landfill essays liquids, called leachates, from going into the groundwater. Leachates result from rainwater mixing with fluids in the garbage, making a highly toxic "juice" containing inks, heavy metals, and other poisonous compounds. Ideally, leachates are pumped up from collection points along the bottom of the landfill and they are sent Affordability for a Bachelors Degree for an Average Student resident of Louisiana dissertation topic liquid waste disposal points or put back into the upper layers of garbage, to resume the cycle. The aim is to avoid any hydraulic (water-related) connection between the wastes and the surrounding environment, particularly groundwater [The basic of landfills]. Unfortunately, most landfills have no such pumping system [Miller 527]. Until the formation of the Environmental Protection Agency by Nixon in 1970, there were almost no regulations on the construction, operation, and closure of landfills. As a result, 85 percent of all landfills existing in this country are unlined (covered with impermeable layer). Many are located in close prox.

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