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Thursday, October 19, 2017 5:32:18 PM

Lady with a pet dog essays Krystyna Namolovan ANALYSIS OF CHEKHOV’S STORY LADY WITH A PET DOG Written in 1899, A Lady with a Pet Dog is one of Chekhov’s longest short stories. This story is a great indication of the social responsibility that marriage held in turn in century Russia. This story could be a true tale taken from a real life, because many people in Cpm homework help geometry khan kinetic treatment at that time could get into the situation like the one described in the story. The story A Lady with a Pet Dog brings to life the loveless marriages that many couples found themselves in due to the morals of society; it has a deep emotional meaning; and it also teaches the reader to fight best dissertation abstract ghostwriter for hire online the happiness in spite of unwritten laws of society. In XVII century, in Russia, marriages were usually arranged by patents and set up as a sort of business deal. If not, there were marriages because it was considered to be a proper and correct thing to do. Social standing was based on the ownership of a business or guilt in fifth business essay high position in a firm. The amount of money one had placed him or her in society. A marriage to a right man or woman could not only place one in a higher social position but provide a better future for children as well. In his story A Lady with a Pet Dog, Cekhov showed the unfortunate problems with a system of this type. Men and women ultimately told themselves that they loved their significant other when realistically they had learned love for these people. The problem with marriages of this type, where the love was learned but not felt, was exactly what happened in the story. Two married people found themselves on the seaside without their significant others and fail in love with feelings cpm homework help geometry khan kinetic treatment didn’t have to be learnt. This is the situation that Anne Sergeevna and Gurov find themselves in. This relationship could ultimately bring the main characters to divorce from their unloved partners in marriage. These statements are not ! to say that the.

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