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Thursday, October 26, 2017 2:58:47 PM

14 to 19 initiative in london essays young people that are less suited to traditional academical qualifications. The Learning Skills Council issued these statements outlining their mission and vision: “Our mission is to raise participation and attainment through high-quality education and training which puts learners first… … Our vision is that, by 2010, young people and adults in England will have knowledge and productive skills matching the best in the world” LSC, (2002) This is a novel idea that requires extensive planning and re-structuring of the curriculum, and the marketing of new qualifications to employers. The emphasis will need to be learner centre rather than teacher orientated, as well as a re-deployment of financial incentives and compare and contrast essays japan zoo support specifically for young learners. Although intervention is clearly needed in the London East area, I am uncertain that such a goal can be achieved in such a short space of get someone write my paper america and the great depression. To envisage that the standard of skills and education amongst young learners can be brought in line with the best in the world by 2010 is a tall order for motivated young people, much less the buy essay online cheap paying players academically minded. Response of Stakeholders Employers Changing the curriculum to include more modern vocational courses may empower and help to motivate the learners, as they will have achieved qualifications that (prior to this initiative) they might not have had, but I am not certain that enough employers will view the more modern qualifications with credibility. Employers are stakeholders in the implementation of this initiative and will need to be educated to the value of the more modern qualifications. This implies extensive marketing of these qualifications which, if successful, means the re-evaluation of entry qualifications for job applicants and the pr.

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