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Friday, October 20, 2017 5:06:13 PM

Insurance coverage essays It was interesting to review my auto coverage. My parents have always taken care of that for me and I have never needed to pay attention to it. Upon reviewing my coverage, I discovered that I have Collision Coverage, Comprehensive Coverage, Medical Coverage, ayusha shrestha miss world university 2003 gsxr Uninsured/Underinsured Motorists Coverage. I do believe I am properly covered. Speaking with my mother, who set up this policy for me, I learned that she sat down with our insurance agent and determined what exactly I needed and did not need. However, upon reading this section, I learned for myself. I have Collision Coverage, which means that if I cause an accident, it will pay to repair my car. This being the most expensive part of the insurance, we have chosen to pay a higher deductible to keep the premium down. I am covered under Comprehensive Coverage. This means that any damages from vandalism, natural buy essay online cheap techniques and approaches of male and female speech, hitting an animal, fire, or theft are all covered. The insurer will only pay as much as the car was worth when it got damaged. Being covered with Medical Coverage means that they will pay for medical expenses of me and my passengers after an accident. This covers me in my car, other people's cars, or when we are pedestrians, regardless of who caused the accident. Lastly, I am covered with Uninsured/Underinsured Motorists Coverage. This means that the insurance company will pay for damages caused by people with no insurance. I believe I am covered properly. I looked up values of my car in a blue book and looked into how much my insurance will pay me for these different types of coverage. It is not costing me more to insure it than they would pay for so I do believe that I am well-covered. .

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