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Tuesday, October 24, 2017 5:32:57 AM

Snowboard essays 3-12-01 . Snowboarding is the second sport that is duvar kemerleri ankara university in winter in the mountains, skiing would be the first. There are a few sports that come close to snowboarding but snowboarding is its on sport. There are people that say that snowboarding is just like skateboard or surfing or even like skiing but its not. Comparing snowboarding and skateboarding. Skateboarding has been around a lot longer then snowboarding therefore skateboarding has had somewhat of an influence to snowboarding. A lot of tricks that are preformed by a snowboarder come from skateboarding. There are two types of “Air.” There is Religion and terrorism the world situation politics essay half pipe and jumps. Half pipe was made for skateboarding so the only different that a snowboarder does in the half pipe is how many times he can spin his body in the air. Skateboarders thinking and problem solving Geneva School of Diplomacy limited because of there aerodynamics and there feet are not attached to the board. Also the stances on the board are the same. Skateboards are on wheels and have trucks that are used to turn the board when weight is shifted. Skateboards roll they don’t slide. On a snowboard they have edges that dig into the snow that makes the board turn. Therefore, snowboarding is like skateboarding in a way only dealing with tricks that are preformed. Lets get a little back ground information on snowboarding. Snowboarding is such a new sport that the founders are still around today. The first type of snowboard was made in 1963. Snowboarding was not allowed at ski resorts at first. Snowboarding was banned at most resorts until the seventies. The two most know pioneers to snowboarding are Jake Burton Carpenter and Tom Sims. Today Sims board and Burton are the most common used boards at ski resorts for rentals. A snowboard is made up of a few parts. There of course is the board. There are different sizes that depend on the unique mba programs of the person. There are different brands, which are made by the people that founded snowboarding. Then on the snowboard the.

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