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Friday, October 27, 2017 9:13:51 PM

Text to speech over the internet essays The technology of Text-to-Speech is among the state-of-the-art advancements brought about by computer research help me do my essay dinner at the homesick restaurant studies. Aside from the visual properties that people used to enjoy while Internet surfing, such as graphics and animations, text-to-speech is an added functionality to a computer's usability. What is Text-to-Speech' ATRC describes text-to-speech software as a tool used to convert words from a computer document into an audible form. Nowadays, the technology of text-to-speech is used by some web sites over the Internet as additional aid to web users. It is a tool that can facilitate the presentation of information by providing audible information as supplement to the traditional text and graphic forms of information. An example scholarship essay writers websites a web site that currently employs text-to-speech technology is CEC System's CEC is a computer systems company that sells Peli cases. As a company that runs an e-commerce site, it is beneficial for their business to employ a text-to-speech tool because it can serve online shoppers with product explanations that is comparable to a live product demonstration. Text-to-speech, as used in web related manner, is not just an embellishment to web sites by providing further useful functionality to web users. One essential benefit of using text-to-speech is that it aids users with sight impairments in using the Internet. With text-to-speech tools, web sites can become compliant to Disability Acts that look after the welfare of visually impaired individuals. In today's technology, there are many text-to-speech software that is available in the market. Most of which offer similar features and benefits to users. Text to Speech Softwares | There are many big companies, including Microsoft, which developed text-to- speech softwares. Reviews of animal behavior institute Microsoft Reader can bring speech technology to both Tablet .

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