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Ideas Hi ionic or covalent English Well, I believe none of us saw that one coming. I was extremely disappointed when I heard the news steve geheren university of minnesota I know there is not much chance of my kids doing well for this one. While the complicated format is an issue on its own, the more pressing matter I believe is manuel aalbers university of leuven photos fact that even the best of us can have problems writing a proper formal letter using the proper language . Nevertheless, I am glad that a couple of weeks prior to the exam, I did give out some samples of formal letters. Although I only went through them briefly, hopefully some of it stuck with my kids and helped them during the exam. In any case, here are the samples that I gave out to my students. (It is a little late but it can serve as reference for next year? HAHA) In my opinion, formal letters at this level are limited to only a few typical scenario such as a letter to request for permission, a letter to invite someone to an event or a letter of complaint. Each of these letters has a different purpose and it is reflected in the title of the letter (highlighted in red). The purpose is then reiterated in the first paragraph (highlighted in yellow) but in a complete sentence and sometimes with more details [Sample 2]. As can be seen from the samples, different purposes are expressed in different ways so it is important for your students to be able to produce these sentences. With average students, your best bet would be for them to memorise the sentences and alter them according to the question. Finally, formal letters should end appropriately (highlighted in green) according to the purpose of the letter. Here is a sample essay I prepared for my students quote at beginning of essay example thought that I would share it here as well since I received a comment a few posts back asking for one. This sample essay is based on the mid-year examination that recently took place in my school. I have included the question in the word document as well for easy reference. Also, I have colour-coded the question and the essay to demonstrate how each point should be accompanied by a short elaboration. Essentially, as long as a point (taken from the question) is written in a complete sentence, it should be granted one mark for content. But to be on the safe side, I always encourage my students to elaborate on each of the point. This is both to secure the content mark as well as to gain additional language marks. In the sample essay, phrases highlighted in RED are the points given, phrases highlighted in YELLOW are the elaboration for each respective point and phrases highlighted in GREEN are the required format. If you read the question carefully, you will realise that the required do mypaper for me who can is actually mentioned in the question. Make sure your students are aware of this. You will also notice several phrases highlighted in BLUE. At times, not all of the points are readily given; students have to provide points of their own. A lot of students tend to miss out on these points because they did not read the question properly. One way to avoid losing content marks is to teach your students to count the number of points given. In most cases, the total amount of marks allocated for content is 12. If there are only 9 or 10 points given in the question, ask your students to reread the question to see if there are any additional points that they must give. As can be seen from this particular example, only 10 points were given and students were told to state the benefits of the event. In nyit essay question words, they have to provide 2 “benefits” on their own in the essay. One final reminder, if you find that this essay is extremely “structured”, that is because this essay is written to show students how to maximise their chances to gain marks. I would suggest using this university of london library online with intermediate students who can write relatively well on their own but might need abit of help with the structure of their essay. With highly proficient students, there is no need to emphasis on such a strict structure as the natural flow of their writing will most probably outweigh any potential merit that they might gain from adopting this approach. Paper 1. Section A – informal letter (advice on how to spend money wisely) 1) Describe an outing with your friends. 2) Should parents give children more freedom? 3) Saving money for the future. 4) Write a story beginning with: “The teacher walked into the classroom. It was the first period…” Paper 2. Novel – Write about an event that makes you feel angry. COMMENTS. Most students should be able to do well in Directed Writing. In fact, Continuous Writing seems quite alright as well although the last question is a bit narrow, in my opinion, in terms of the things that you can cover. The final question for Continuous Writing from previous years were mostly words with multiple interpretations (such as “stars”), common ideas that students can easily elaborate on (such as “music” and “food”) or slightly abstract concepts (such as “beauty” and “peace”). There’s nothing much to be said regarding the poem although I believe most of us were aiming for “Are you still playing your flute?” The novel question however, took me by surprise. At first glance, I myself can hardly think of an event from the novels that is negative enough to invoke feelings of anger. On top of that, students will have to justify why/how the event they chose made them feel angry. Custom essay writing service blogger search user ebay, being associated with anger means that the events that students can choose are limited to the negative ones whereas I believe most teachers tend to focus on the positive aspects of a novel. Any thoughts on this year’s SPM English paper? Share them in the comments! It is that time of the year again as Form 5 teachers left no Internet stone unturned in their search for trial papers from states across Malaysia in the hopes custom essay writing service blogger search user ebay they will shed some much-needed light on the upcoming do mypaper for me who can make the process a little easier for all of you, I have summarised the trial papers from 7 states (Malacca, Negeri Sembilan, Perak, Kedah, Kelantan, Terengganu & Pulau Pinang), MRSM and SBP into a single word document that can be downloaded from here: *This is just a summary to provide you with a general overview of what the different states have been asking in their trials. For the actual papers, you will have to do some digging of your own. (: **I’ve included only what can be found online. The states that are not included either did not have state-level trials or they are simply too elusive for a regular Internet user like myself. To the best of my knowledge however, Sabah, Sarawak & Johor definitely did not have any state-level trials. For the past few weeks, we have looked at the four types of essays that are typical of the Directed Writing section. This week, we will look at some useful pointers on how to tackle this section successfully. 1. Every question at the SPM level is designed in such a way that all of the basic information a student could possibly need to answer the question can be found in the question itself. As such, the first and most important thing to do is READ THE QUESTION CAREFULLY . In Directed Writing, the question will tell us what type of essay we are supposed to write. Look out for the phrase “write a …”. This will then determine the format of our essay. Once we have decided on this, we can start searching for the other information we need. Sample question :You are the Head Prefect in your school. You have been asked to give a speech on the importance of custom essay writing service blogger search user ebay good discipline during the school assembly. Write your speech based on the points given. From the line “Write your speech…”, we know that we are supposed to write a speech. A speech has 4 elements in its format: greetings, role, topic and ending. For greetingslook for where the speech is supposed to be presented. In this case, the speech is meant to be presented “during the school assembly “. Therefore, we must include people such as the Principal, teachers and students in our greetings. For rolelook for phrases that suggest a best dissertation abstract ghostwriter for hire online. In this case, it would be “ Head Prefect “. For topiclook for what our speech is supposed to be about. In this case, the speech is about “ the importance of having good discipline “. Weak students sometimes cannot really remember the requirements for different types of essays. Not to worry because all you have to do is look out for this part of the question: When writing your speechyou must: greet your audience state the purpose of your speech thank your audience at the end of your speech include all the points given. This section is usually found at the very end of the question and it reminds us that 1) we are writing a speech and 2) a speech must include a greetinga topic and “ thank you “. 2. The “When writing your …you must:” section is also important for another reason: the final point, “include all the points given”. Do exactly that, include ALL the points given. The total amount of marks allocated for Directed Writing is 35 and out of the 35 marks, 12 marks are given for content, all of which are already provided in the question. Our job here is just to take those points and use them. When I say “use” the points, I mean to take the points given (they are often given in short phrases) and make full-length sentences with them. For example, a question on the advantages and disadvantages of the Internet may have the following points: In order to gain marks for these content points, we must make sentences along the lines of “ One of the advantages of the Internet is the vast amount of information. ” or “ Another advantage of the Internet is online shopping. ” Both of these sentences would have been awarded 1 mark for content. “lifting” or stringing together the phrases to make them look like a sentence will not work. For example, “Advantages, vast information, online shopping and free entertainment.” Also, for each of the points, make sure to add some elaboration. This is important to secure your content marks as well as to phd thesis cover template your language marks (20 out of 35). The elaboration doesn’t have to be very long or even extremely detailed (unless your student is a very good writer). Any additional information that is relevant to the point is good enough. For example, if we refer to the example given above, it is said that “One of the advantages of the Internet is the vast amount of information .” Examples of elaboration that we can include are “We can find information on education, travelling, health and many more on the Internet.” (types of information) or “All we have to do is look for the information using websites like Yahoo and Google .” (how to find the information). To help students learn how to expand points, what you can do is give them lots of sample questions and ask them to brainstorm for elaborations based on the points given. This can be done either individually or even in groups. Have them share their elaborations with the class so that the others can add on to their ideas. Actual essay writing can be pursued at your own discretion but the main aim of the activity is for students to practise quick and accurate note-expansion.

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