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Robinson essays ce in this impressive story. As we know, something that unavoidably befalls a person, fortune and also that which is inevitably predetermined and in another word “destiny”. In fact, Robinson’s father steadfastly ignores his request for sailing and also tells to Robinson that if he does not listen to him and go on voyage as a sailor, this will be a sin and God will bless him. Actually, we must accept that Robinson’s arrival to the deserted island is the result of his fate and if we again completely accept that fate is inevitable, we cashflow for a business plan accuse Robinson of disregarding his father and begins to sail the seas. To come to this island, to begin to new life, to meet Friday and to do and share something different and unusual with him are the inevitable realities and facts of life that are certainly written in his fate by the beginning. Teachers for gender equality essay the other hand, his first accident and surviving is a foreshadowing and flashback for his second shipwreck but there is nothing he can do because this is completely related to his fate. So, if we think seriously, by disreg! arding his father and going on voyage through the seas, Robinson begins to fulfil his discussion section psychology thesis how to write a software by step. By his own ingenuity and by salvaging what he can from the wrecked ship, he manages to survive and he begins to make tools for himself. Although he curses his fate at the story starter shed beginning, by reading the Bible that he took from the ship, he begins to think more interestingly about religion and then he realises that his being on that deserted island is the cruel result how to write a software his tenaciousness and fearlessness. Then, he remembers his father’s saying and understands the rightness of his words and goes on his life as the victim of his unavoidable fate. In his story, he thinks that Friday is the best gift of his bad fate and as a person who became more interested in religion, he teaches to be a good Christian to Friday, the best gift of his horrible fate. Consequently, we see that by th.

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