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Monday, October 16, 2017 12:49:27 PM

Communication breakdown(sars) essays established channel for communication between the health workers in the frontline and the central policy-making organs, the problems faced in the frontline would be reported smoothly and kinoene i trondheim university to the central, in order to let the central to be sensitive to the change and support the frontline. Moreover, this channel enables feedback about government’s online writing services review earth. It would facilitate the government to collect the information and data of implementation of a policy, in order to let the government be more flexible to make any modification and respond to new mba dissertation topic for international business changes. As the channel for communication would enable positive information interchanging and active seeking for the information, it is essential for an effective communication to take place. After going through the criteria of effective communication, I will go on to discuss the communication failure of between Hong Kong government and various departments during SARS. Formal communication refers to recognized communication system within an organization or a government. It is composed of three directions: upward, downward and horizontal communication. Upward means information flows for sub-departments to the central, for example, from the street level bureau to central units, and contrary is the downward communication. Horizontal communication refers to communication between different departments. Effective formal communication occupies a supreme role for the effective coordination among different departments to combat SARS. However, all the three directions communication failed to operate during the SARS case. Health Welfare and Food Bureau (HWFB) played the job of middleman during the SARS. It was responsible for communicating and exchange information between the Government and different departments. Any communication failures with HWFB would in turn lead to the breakdown of vertical channels for the departments or public to communic.

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