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Mustangs essays During the second generation, there was a huge sales drop. The Mustang II was not well received. They replaced the big block V-8 350ci engine with a 289ci four cylinder engine. Ford's idea with the Mustang II was to give people a smaller, lighter, and a more fuel-efficient car. Ford, obviously, made a big mistake. Mustang sales dropped by 76%. Ford's reputation took a huge beating. Another mistake Ford made was dropping the convertible models from their production line. The second generation Mustangs turned out to be failures. In 1979 Ford came out with a brand new model statement amazing argumentative essay topics essay writing Mustang which began the third generation. This model replaced the standard 289ci with a 302ci module 5.0 liter engine. The new Mustang was supposed to be a compact powerhouse. The public loved the new idea and sales increased once again. In 1984 an ex-race car driver/entrepreneur, named Steve Saleen, founded a company that specialized in sport cars made from stock Mustang GT's. This helped Ford to publicize the Mustang and also to improve Ford's sagging reputation. Also, in 1984 Ford's Special Vehicle Operations team came out with a new edition called the SVO. The SVO was a 2.3 liter turbo-charged with an air- to- water intercooler, which was revolutionary for the time. Ford continued to improve the engine performance and to provide a full line of homework help la egypt from the four-cylinder package to the V-8 luxury package. With the love of Mustangs thriving, Ford made a dramatic body change. In 1994 Ford put out the same powerful engine but in a sleek new style that caught the public's attention. The 1994 Mustang won Motor Trend's Car of damon vanzant inner visions institute Year award. Ford produced a well designed Mustang that impressed the experts. The first class styling and engine performance earned Ford the award from Motor Trend. In 1996 Ford changed the 302ci engine back to the original 289ci engine. In aaup university presses list Ford changed the body style in an effort to r.

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