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Literary techniques essays In various works of literature, literary techniques are used to portray certain themes, or ideas. In the novel The Lord of the Flies, by William Golding, as well as in the poem “The Essay on tourism in india 300 words Coming” by William Butler Yeats, both authors are trying to convey a message about humanity. This message jim cummins interdependence hypothesis be interpreted in several ways, but one of these ways relates to the conflict of civilization v. savagery, which helps to develop a theme that draws parallels from both The Lord of the Flies, as well as “The Second Coming. The message or theme that both authors might be trying to convey is the flaws hidden within humanity subjects them to savage behavior. Both works of literature display the theme, as well essay on tourism in india 300 words conflict of civilization v. savagery and this message about humanity through the use of diction, characterization, allusions, and most importantly, symbolism. In the Lord of the Flies by William Golding, the recurring theme of flaws hidden within humanity will subject them to savage behavior, and conflict of civilization vs. savagery is clearly evident through the symbolism of the characters. This helps to carry out the Do ends justify the means essay that humans contain a savage personality, which is brought out in certain cases where civilization does not have a strong hold. Main characters in this novel include Ralph, Piggy, Jack, Roger, as well as Simon. Ralph, who was essay on tourism in india 300 words the leader of the group, represented order, morality, and civilization. Piggy represented the strict adherence to rules and authority, as well as intellectual endeavors made in society. On the contrary, Jack symbolized power-hungriness, and savagery, just as Roger represented savagery and malevolence at their utmost extreme. Simon, who was different from the rest, represented human morality and civilization. This symbolism, which was implied through the actions and dialogue of the characters helps to display the theme. For example, Ralph, Simon and Piggy were constantly try.

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