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College atheletes shoud be paid essays COLLEGE ATHLETES SHOULD BE PAID The purpose of this paper will be to show you why college athletes should be paid. Participation in college sports should be considered a profession and athletes compensated for their work. Paying college athletes buy essay online cheap iran politics not about being fair, but it is a start. The NCAA rules are so binding, fairness is many years and many reforms down the road. By paying players, though, the NCAA could improve a flawed system. Many athletes come to college to study their sports, hoping to land a job in their chosen field. Universities buy essay online cheap iran politics to have athletics to provide recreational and social opportunities. Today college ball is just a stepping-stone to the professional leagues. Football and basketball do not have minor leagues like baseball. Universities, then, offer experience to athletes and a close-to-professional-level product to the public, and the public eats it up. In November to write an introduction 1999, the NCAA signed a $6.2 billion contract with CBS Sports buy essay online cheap active listening - essay televise the men’s basketball tournament. This is commonly known as March Madness. They also have a contract with ABC Sports for the Bowl Championship Series for football. ESPN also pays to televise the women’s basketball final four. So you can see that there is a great deal of money going to the colleges and conferences for television contracts. In addition to this, the colleges sell tickets, t-shirts, hats, and copyright their logos. The more successful their athletic programs the more donations they get from their followers. The coaches are also able to cash in on the college athletes. In 1997, Steve Spurrier, head football coach at Florida signed a six-year contract that pays him $2 million a year. In addition to this, he also gets two new cars to write an introduction year, clothing allowance, 24 tickets for each home game, plus a house. Just this month, George O’Leary of Georgia Tech signed a new contract that pays him over a $1 million a year. The coaches, i.

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