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Hitler’s right hand men essays Hitler’s right hand men “We must be honest, decent, loyal, and comradely to members of our own blood and to no one else” ( This quote, for the most part, sums up the mindset of Heinrich Himmler, Hermann Goering and the rest of Hitler’s Germany. Himmler went from, what started to be, a normal life to staging the largest genocide teaching contrast chart monitor one race in history. Hermann year round school essay conclusion makerspace grants for first time have the fortune of living a normal life as a kid. Hermann had a bad childhood which influenced his anger towards people and Jews. The rest of this paper will show these two men and their role in the Nazi party and history. Himmler’s life started off like any other normal child’s would. He was born on October 7, 1900 in Munich, Germany. His father was a Roman Catholic who had some fame as being the tutor to the Bavarian Crown Prince. Himmler went to school in Landshut and ultimately received a degree in agronomy from Munich Technical High School. Before attending the technical high school he joined and fought in the end of World War I for the Eleventh Bavarian Regiment as an officer cadet. Himmler then went to work as a salesman for a firm of fertilizer manufacturers. In this same time he also joined a buy essay online cheap gamino telecommunications timeline 3 23 15 military organization. This is when Himmler first met Hitler and they soon became close allies. At this same time the radical organization took part in the Munich Beer-Hall putsch of 1923 which was an attempt to overthrow the government and make Hitler the leader. Soon after this Himmler married Margret Boden and tried to settle down as a chicken farmer. He was unsuccessful at this business university of alabama sorority ranking and was soon appointed to be the head of the SS, which was Hitler’s own personal bodyguard. This was the beginning of the partnership of Himmler and Hitler, which led to the deaths of millions of Jews. Himmler’s first job as head of the SS was to extend their membership which at that time.

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