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Saturday, October 14, 2017 2:12:55 PM

James herriot's dog stories essays This was a wonderful, passionate book about, well, James Herriot’s favorite dog stories. They were all true, some funny, some inspirational, and some sad. I have picked out some of my personal favorites here. One of my all-time favorites is “Roy: From rags to riches.” It’s about a young, almost full-grown golden retriever, badly neglected and almost dead that was found in an old shack. An old gypsy Analyzing the character of Macbeth in William Shakespeares Macbeth who had gun control controversy essays lost her terrier to a car accident claimed him when they were about to put him to sleep. For a month they were not seen anywhere, until the day she brought him outside. He was pure gold, healthy gun control controversy essays loved. Although Dr. Herriot didn’t do anything, it was obvious why this made it into the collection. Another great one was “Jock: Top dog.” Jock was a Border Collie living out on a farm. By tradition, he font similar to avant garde always chase people’s cars down the long lane up to the farm. It was one of his biggest joys in life. But the farmer bought one of the healthiest bitches in the area, and she had puppies with Jock. With both of the parent’s health and vigor, they began to outpace Jock, even in his art of car chasing. But once they were sold and gone, Jock was still Top Dog. A good story was “Tricki Woo: A triumph of surgery.” His name really says it all — a Pekingese, extremely fat and spoiled. Tricki's weight problem was really getting out of hand, so much that it was dangerous. But his owner, Mrs. Humphrey, couldn’t stand to see him “suffer,” so she even gave him chocolate and such (she was extremely rich). One day, Dr. Herriot decided that it was so bad that he had to get Tricki out of Mrs. Pumphrey’s reach. So he cared for Tricki for a fortnight, giving him equal treatment as the other dogs. At the end, he emerged a happy, radiant animal. It was obvious why James Herriot devoted three out of ten stories to Tricki. The last, but one of the best stories was “Brand.

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