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Chapter summaries of huckleberry finn essays *Chapter 1-5 -Huck describes about the robbers money they found. -Describes the Tom Sawyer book. -Widow took him in and even though it was rough sometimes he appreciates it. -The good place and the bad place. -It talks about when they part ii to escape. -They almost got caught by Jim (a black slave). -They played a trick on Jim, and made him think it was witches. -The blood signatures of part ii gang. -They would kill the family of any boy who told a secret. -Mrs. Watson cleans Huck up, and his clothes. -Tells him to pray each time he wants something writing will write your assignment bad. -A man was found on the river, they thought it was Pap, but it wasn’t. -Others imagination makes Huck see everything in the gang is fake. -Huck likes school and gets used to it fast. -He really misses the old ways in the woods. -Begins to see Mrs. Watson’s rules aren’t so bad. -Throwing salt over your left shoulder saves you from bad luck. -There's a cross in the snow, to keep of the devil. -With Jim's hairball and some money, Huck’s fortune is told. -A description of Huck’s father. -Huck’s father tells him to quit school or he will regret it. -He can't be better than his family. -Tells him to read and slam the book have a good time in italian him. -When the Widow and the judge try to get custody over Huck, a new judge says he should stay with his father. -He tried making Pap clean and a nice man, it didn’t work. *Chapter 6-10 -Huck dad waited for him one day and just kidnapped him for over 2 months. -Huck began to like it, he got used to it. -Talks about how cruel blacks were treated then. -Huck articles of confederation versus the constitution translated asleep and wakes up to his father screaming that devils got him. -Tries to kill Huck, because he thinks Huck is the angel of death. -Huck escapes from his father and takes everything they had in the cabin house. -He travels all the way to Jackson Island. -Huck finally gets to the island and awaits the ferry to see who's in it. -Everyone is looking for .

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