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Saturday, October 14, 2017 11:48:38 PM

Technology’s affect articles about sex communication matrix quick the american family essays Technology’s affect on the American Family As a child, I remember seeing programs on one of the six channels we received on television. Sometimes it was animated, sometimes it appeared to be footage at some sort of inventors’ convention, but the shows featured the ‘Products Of The Future’. Most of the items were unrealistic, like robotic servants that would cook the meals and clean the house. Some of the products were actually believable. The theme of these more realistic products seemed to be miniaturization, automation and/or time minimization. The commentator promised that these innovations were going to forever change the lives of the American family. Little did we custom writing reviews rodan that these products, that were supposed to change things for the better, would actually change things for the worse. Some of these technological advances are actually promoting the downfall of the American family. Though most of the advancements that have come about in the last thirty years have upsides and downsides, I feel that cell phones, microwaves, and the internet are three items that have a direct impact on the decline of the American family. Cell phones enable us to contact nearly anyone at anytime, given that they also own one. Who these days doesn’t? Everywhere you look someone has one of those Star Trek-like communication devices stuck to their ear. For convenience, they definitely serve their purpose, but they also have negative effects on family interaction. Every cell phone company advertises their own version of a ‘Family Talk’ plan where every family member gets their own phone and the rates are reduced between these phones. Parents buy these phones for their kids with the idea that if their child can call them at anytime, communications will increase. Actually the opposite occurs. Communication, or should I say, Real articles about sex communication matrix quick between parents and children decreases. These phones become the major form of jan hillman urbana university

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