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Tuesday, October 17, 2017 4:48:42 PM

Ameican essays What is an American? To me an American is somone who has freedoms, powers, and someone who is willing to help others. I as an American have the freedom to pretty much to anything, weather be wearing revealing clothes or me beliving in something I as American have freedoms unlike any other country. I have the freedom to walk down the street to a friends house without worrying if im going to get shot. As an American i have the right to say no to anything. I also have the right to dress the way i want to. If I want to dress in my pajamas and go to esl movie review writing for hire thats perfectly fine here. Say I didnt want to go to work or school one day i have the freedom to say hey i need a break, im going to call in sick. I know i wont get fired or killed for not going. I also have rights, I have the right to state my own opinion.I also have the right to practice my own religion. Im not forced to belive in one certain thing. In many countrys women cant even work. They still thin! k there palce is int he home. We have the documents that state all of that. One of the most famouse documents is the American history is The Decloraion An Analysis of Beyond Beef Indepenace,it declares America free from Great Britan.People like John Hancock and Benjamin Msanii tajiri kuliko wote tanzania institute helped compose and sign it. We also have the bill of rights, that states all of my rights as an American. In that document it gives me the right to vote, good ideas for proposal essays right ot state my own opinion and the right to practice my own religion. Without these documents I wouldnt have the rights i have today. Also as an American other people and I can help other countrys int here time of need. When other countrys need help America is the first country to help them out. America gives them money, first aid, and other helpfull stuff. thats what an american is.

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