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Changing to war essays Three of the major causes of the Civil War deal mainly with the idea that the South’s Break Up was a direct result from the lack of consideration that the North had. Each cause was created by a sort of tension inverse laplace of 1 the two. Each had their opposite ideas of how the U.S. should be ran, along with the way of living. Mainly tensions were brought up and about from slavery decisions such as the Dred Scott Decision, the presidency of the time, since it needed to be an asset to the time for both the North and South, and the Territory of which the peoples needed to be decided on whether they were to be pro or anti slavery, mainly dealing with the Kansas Nebraska Act. Each created tensions that grew as time went along, which also began to raise emotions. In 1854 Congress passed the Kansas-Nebraska Act. The Kansas-Nebraska Act was a U.S. law authorizing the creation of Kansas and Nebraska, west of the states of Missouri and Iowa and divided by the 40th parallel. It repealed a provision of the Missouri Compromise that had prohibited slavery in the territories north of 36° 30', and stated that the people of the territories should decide for themselves the validity of slaveholding. This was known as popular sovereignty. Those did not gain anything from this law and other opponents of slavery responded by forming the Republican Party. Popular sovereignty soon degenerated into a civil war in Kansas, known as the Border Rubalcaba 2 War, or “Bleeding Kansas,” as Southerners and Northerners battled over the status example of an informative process analysis essay slavery. The Kansas-Nebraska Act was sponsored by the Democratic senator Stephen A. Douglas of Illinois. By opening up what best essays editing sites for college been Native American country to white settlement, Douglas and other what makes a good song leaders hoped to facilitate construction of a transcontinental railroad through their states rather than through the southern part of the country. The removal of the restriction on the expansion of slavery ensured southern s.

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