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Thursday, November 02, 2017 4:00:52 AM

Love in great expectations essays Dickinson’s Varying Ways of Love Love is a necessity in people’s lives. Being in love or loving someone can make you act insane and also make you act help writing an allegory. It is probably something that can imprison you more rapidly than anything else. In the book Great Expectations Charles Dickens allows you to look at love from every possible perspective. He shows how love can be beneficial, hurtful, and everlasting. In the professional cheap essay writing websites Mrs. Joe is hateful and very angered that she has had to bring Pip up. She lets Pip know this quite repeatedly and always is ready to strike him or correct him when she feels he is in the wrong. Also in some cases when she is incorrect. Pip respects and fears is sister and views her more as an evil stepmother than a loving sister. Their relationship is help writing an allegory hurtful. Next is a love that is very touching and inspiring. Joe and Pip can at all times rely on each other. They nurture and protect one another. Pip looks to Joe as a father figure and Joe looks to Pip as the son he always wanted. When Joe’s spouse, Pip’s sister, is less than sisterly to Pip, Joe is there to make feel wanted and good about him. They rely on each other throughout the whole novel. To end with is a tragic case a misused love of Estella, a beautiful writing my research paper the 18th amendment girl, and Miss. Havisham, an aged and cruel lady. Estella, an orphan given to Miss. Havisham, is trained ever since she arrived to never fall in love university of arkansas legal aid love is not real. She teaches Estella that love is not real, and that she should fool around with others emotions. Once Miss Havisham finally realizes what she has done it is to late. These teachings make both of them miserable all of their lives. And leaves them with many regrets and wonders. This novel can only begin to show what love is. For many in this novel they will never know. Mr. Dickens shows the wide rang of human emotions at its best. The plot in this novel would have been incomplete without love. Love is ex.

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