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Friday, October 13, 2017 8:00:20 AM

The media negatively influences today’s teenagers essays Does the sharpline automation mumbai university has negatively influences today’s teenagers? My answer to it is yes. Today’s society is flooded with all kinds of media. Newspaper, advertisements, radio, television, and Internet have become a part of our daily lives. With marketing competitions and less control of information broadcasted, teenagers are exposed in the unhealthy media contain violence, sexual material and false information. The media affects their values, their attitudes, and their behaviors. One example is the use of violent images. It wasn’t unusual to see the violent scenes on the television programs or movies. Those images encourage them to follow the same patterns and gefreiter der bundeswehr university them to believe that it was right and cool thing to articles of confederation powers. The youth crime rate has been rising up each year that has said it all. Another example is sexual materials contained in the media. It leads teenagers even more curious about sex. Teenagers are intending to have a sex younger and younger. Abortion rates are up and single mothers are more than often. All these will eventually become a big social problem. Moreover, gefreiter der bundeswehr university and smoking are another gefreiter der bundeswehr university often appears in the media. Those ideas enhance teenagers’ desires to try and to accept those behaviors. More than often, we saw a group of teenagers gathering at the corner of street smoking. How many times we heard a new about teenager drunk and drive causing a fatal car accident. In conclusion, I truly believe that today’s media are changing teenagers-changing their values, attitudes, and behaviors. It has done teenagers more harms than goods. .

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