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The miller essays The Miller’s Wife When reading about Alison, the first thing that jumped into my head was Cleopatra. The way that Chaucer describes Alison reminds me of how to write easy essay Saxion University of?Applied Sciences Shakespeare describes Cleopatra. Both authors describe these women as being so beautiful that men are mesmerized by them. Chaucer does an excellent job of portraying Alison as a beautiful woman through imagery. Throughout the Miller’s Prologue Chaucer is constantly describing Alison, comparing her to animals as well as describing the clothes she is wearing. For me, the biggest piece of information that Chaucer gave to the reader was Alison’s age. Knowing that she is only eighteen years old really helped when I was trying to visualize what this woman looked like. From that point on Obese cause and effect essay goes into great details to make Alison very attractive to the reader, for instance, “She was ful more blissful on to see than is the newe perejonette tree, and softer than a wolle is of wether;…(Chaucer p.239)”. New beginnings ? Rikki Six Chaucer is saying that she is more beautiful then a new pear tree in bloom and that she is softer then the wool of a ram. Chaucer also makes many references to animals when describing Alison, “Therto she coude skippe and make game as any kide or calf folwing his dame. (Chaucer p.239)”. He also refers to her voice sounding like a swallow’s showing that her voice is soft and sweet. The other animal Chaucer robt that does homework a reference of is a colt, “Winsing she was as is a joly colt,… (Chaucer p. 239)”. In my opinion, I think he makes these references of these young animals to emphasize that she is a young woman that is why he uses words like kide, calfe or colt so that the reader can associate her with being young. When describing her clothes Alison is wearing all black most of which are silk. “A ceint she wered, barred al of silk; a barmcloth as whit as morne milk upon her lendes, ful of man a gore;whit was hir smok, and broaden al before and eek bihi.

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