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The name mary, and how it is used in the koran essays of Mary and Jesus.6 The phrase, Son of Mary is also written more times in the Koran than it is in the Bible. She is also highly respected in Judaism, and it is considered ‘a mighty slander’ for a Jewish person to speak against her. Although these and other stories may not be true, it shows that Muhammad and Muslims hold a Proofreading dissertation uk qualifications deal of respect for Mary and her son Jesus.7 The phrase, Son of Mary, website to write essays American University Washington one that refers to Jesus, and occurs much more frequently in the Koran than in the Bible. In fact, it is only used one time in the Bible compared to twenty-three times in the Koran.8 This shows that the Muslims acknowledge Jesus, and the impact he had on that time period. Some feel that the primary message that is delivered by the Koran to Muslims is that the term Son of Mary is used in a negative way. Parrinder however disagrees with this view. He feels that when the Koran uses the term Son of Mary, it is in a more positive and honorable way. The Muslims, unlike the Jews, do Proofreading dissertation uk qualifications have such harsh and negative views towards Jesus, and this is one of the main reasons why Parrinder feels that the term is used in a honorable way.9 The Muslims believe that Jesus was not divi.

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