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Sunday, October 22, 2017 12:54:46 AM

A emporia state university football roster 2018 ford in the sky essays We live our days on earth carefree and happy, but for some that life is taken away in a single look in the mirror, or a visit to the doctor. In that one instant, they find out that their life could be changed forever; some find out their life is closer to the end then they thought. Skin cancer can be potentially deadly and it is caused by UV rays that come may long weekend 2018 uk university the sun. How can we keep the number of skin cancer patients down?? Well, We keep our ozone together of course. The ozone layer is basically a thin layer of gasses, which has naturally occurred, such as oxygen and nitrogen in the atmosphere that keep UV rays from coming down to the surface. Ozone is O3, which in other words, are three oxygen atoms. The ozone layer can be found in the stratosphere, which is the layer next to the troposphere. Humans, us and other life on the surface live in the troposphere. Lets say for example that normal commercial airplanes all fly in the troposphere except for the Concorde, which flies in the lower portion of the stratosphere. Ozone has been found to be densest write an essay on each one teach one the two poles and to grow thinner as you approach the equator. It’s also very interesting to know that the one thing that keeps all life on the surface alive could kill all of what it protects if it was on the same level as us. Although global warming is an issue to very many normal people and scientists, people usually get it mixed up with our ozone problem. Even though papers for sale buy college papers ozone hole can help to cause a greenhouse effect, which in turn causes global warming, they are not the same thing. The two are completely different topics and situations. In the past years ozone levels in different areas of the earth have been depleted but the most depletion of ozone was focused over Antarctica. It so happens that almost all the ozone over the continent was destroyed. What emporia state university football roster 2018 ford truly disturbing is the fact that the ozone there is one of the thickest anywhere being several kilometers thick. In .

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