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Thursday, October 26, 2017 7:26:16 PM

Nineteen eighty four test response essays “Nineteen Eighty - Four” – TEST RESPONSE: TOPIC THREE (3) In the appendix of Nineteen Eighty-Four George Orwell warns against the enormous power a regime can hold once it has control of the language. Winston, on the other hand, believes he is free as long as he can hold on the mathematical axiom, 2+2=4. Unfortunately, Winston grossly underestimates the sheer power held be Oceania’s totalitarian regime. With the Inner Party at the helm, Oceanian society has been how to write film criticism drawn down to a deep, inescapable socioeconomic morass, with Party exercising its conscious aim of nurturing a state of “unfreedom and inequality”. Having learnt a great deal from totalitarian regimes that had failed in the past, the Inner Party became a small ruling group that was determined to create a societal structure that would ensure the Party maintained a permanent stronghold over Oceania and its people. Unlike their predecessors, the Inner Party was comprised of people who were “less avaricious, less tempted by luxury, hungrier for pure power, and above all, more conscious of what they were doing and more intent on An Introduction to the Life and History of Bach opposition. From this steely resolve Need help do my essay cold war SKODA AUTO University the Inner Party to be the eternal guardians of power in Oceania stems the wide and varied sources of truth and power held be the totalitarian regime. Collectively, these sources present a frightening combination that, fundamentally, serves to destroy the essence of the human spirit and to ensure the ruling group an endless reign of power. As Orwell details beijing sport university boxing florida the appendix of the novel, control over language is one of the major sources of truth and power held by Oceania’s totalitarian regime. The introduction and steady implementation of Newspeak as the language of choice for Formal analysis essay example members, meant that the Party effectively assumed control of the boundaries of human expression and thought. The elimination of words and phrases considered unfavourable to the Party.

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