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Thursday, November 02, 2017 4:28:29 AM

Doctoral research essays Doctoral research is often undertaken as a professional requirement, a means by which graduate students fulfill their obligation to advance knowledge in their fields. The underlying functions of doctoral research paper presentation on nanotechnology glossary verizon the following: to deepen understanding of a specific cheap write my essay rtt1 task2w of research, to introduce paper presentation new york quotes zeitgeist in academia to research questions and problems, and to propose areas of future research. Doctoral research helps graduate students prepare themselves for the next phase of their career, too. Narrowing down a topic and area of interest for the purpose of conducting a dissertation research study is essential to doctoral paper presentation new york quotes zeitgeist. The purpose of doctoral research is not to provide a broad overview of any subject. On the contrary, doctoral research should be as innovative and fresh as possible, offering creative solutions to existing problems or to elucidate emerging research questions. Narrowing down the topic of research helps guide a focused academic dissertation. However, doctoral research should not be so narrow as to be irrelevant. All research topics can be conveyed in context: with regard to the broad and established theories of the field. Research that is too narrow might neglect to honor prior research. At the same time, all graduate research should be narrow enough to lend specific insights or solutions to common problems. At the proposal stage of doctoral research, students need to design their research according to the core ethical guidelines of their field. For example, a psychologist must use informed consent for all research studies. Students of anthropology must take care to avoid biases and ethnocentrism while conducting their research. Related ethical considerations include the risk of plagiarism. At the proposal stage, students must cite all prior research and theories that provided the impetus and foundation for the current area of inquiry. .

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