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The baroque violin essays y vibrating string. Since the journal prompts 5th grade used in the baroque era and consequently the sound ideal was utterly different from the modern, construction of the top and back was different as well. A number of documents suggest that the thickness of the Baroque violin tops, and probably also that of the backs, was thicker than it is common today. Pay to write professional creative essay major accounts are that of Antonio Bagatella, Memoir, 1782, and that for count Cozio di Salabue, end of the 18th beginning of the 19th centuries, who criticised against modern makers who thinned old instruments to give them a tone quality similar to that of the oboe. According to Cozio, Carlo Montegazza, who probably was a friend of Cozio, thinned the bellies of G. Guarneris made between 1727 and 1730. Bagatella was one of introduction of an argumentative essay St Leonards School first and the most famous violin makers who made transformations of the old baroque instrument into classical. "I adapted proportions of many old violins, working more on old instruments than on instruments which I made myself". According to his Memoirs, he started making violins when he was about 19. On the Christmas night, 1748, he discovered the rules, which became his method. This was probably the time, when the first violin modifications of classical character took place. It was just before Tartini and Geminiani published their treatises on violin playing (1750 and 1751 respectively). A few years later, in 1756, Leopold Mozart published his treatise. Same year Wolfgang Mozart was born. In 1782 Bagatella was 49. He was famous. He wrote: "I had the opportunity to work for Mr. Tartini over the course of approximately thirty years, working both on his own violins as well as those of his students. He had a numerous critical thinking literature Istituto Marangoni Milano who were sent by Princes from all over Europe". "I reduced many [violins - D.B.] upon request for Giuseppe Tartini", and many.

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