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Thursday, October 19, 2017 4:29:14 PM

Effective leader essays An effective leader would be someone with a dream or a vision that will better the society. A leader must have values that are life-giving society. They have to respect others. A leader has to have some ideas about change, about how future could be different. Vision then is based on two components that leaders also need: creativity and intellectual drive. Characteristics of effective leaders would be they gives direction, sets an example, and shares risks or hardship on an equal footing, wins respect without courting popularity, Listen with understanding; willing to discuss and solve problems; open to ideas; gives time to listen, supports and helps; back you up; is on your side; remembers your problems, uses team approach; helps group reach better decision; facilitates case studies ethical dilemmas education, avoids close supervision; does not over boss; their eyes were watching god race essay not dictate or rule by the book, delegates authority; trust group; relies on their judgment; permits janne taivainen joensuu university discussion; has faith in the creativity of others, communicates openly and honestly; tells you what he thinks and can trust you what you says, and bring the best in the men; has common touch with the articles violating human rights russia be a good leader, the person would have to serve as a symbol, display commitment to honor, respect and devotion to their duty, motivate to excellence. They must set goal by practicing responsibility ownership, set expectations, and they must get he job done fast and right. Establish the environment to succeed, they must be team player, must have sources, empowerment, shared values. Communication is a plus; they must display clear purpose of what they are trying to do or what they want to be done. They must coach, teach, and explain carefully. They must encourage their employees to do the best they can. They should always continue to learn new things and examine their leadership skills. They should look into the future. They should empower their team or organization by letting them assume .

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