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Sunday, October 15, 2017 8:16:29 PM

Certification of teachers essays Certification university abd malik saadi Teachers It is the first day of school and a student walks into his or her very first class. In this classroom there are over thirty other children. Next, the teacher how to write a winning scholarship essay Limkokwing University in; it is her first day university abd malik saadi. She has not been prepared in full for the challenges she will face, for example a large class size. Part of the reason she is not fully prepared is because teacher certification does not have high enough standards to prepare new apa bibliography apa citation legal case for all the challenges they might face. Education has become vital to our nation. The nation’s strength and well being is resting in the hands of educators. Throughout history in-service teacher education received has decreased in the amount of attention (Goodlad 3-4). Certification of school personnel needs to have higher standards, teachers would be fully prepared for what they will face, students will learn in a better environment, less students would resort or be inclined to be home schooled over public schooling, and students looking into the education field will have a head start on being prepared for the challenges they them self will face. Teachers certification needs to have higher standards because of the fact that the teachers that are starting now are not fully prepared for what they are going to experience. Teachers are taught the basic skills and information teachers need to know, but teachers are not fully taught how to handle different class sizes, individual attention or help for certain students, and full knowledge about the material and the best way to teach the material to the students so they will understand it. Different class sizes can cause a lot of strain on the teacher and also the students who need individual help. Individual help is something that somehow needs to be incorporated into the teachers teaching whether it be before how to write a winning scholarship essay Limkokwing University after school. Teachers also need to try and help certain individuals who show or ask for specific assistance. Als.

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