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Sunday, October 15, 2017 5:53:27 AM

Pocohantes essay essays Pocohantas Essay In this essay I will be comparing and contrasting the Journal of John Smith and the Disney movie Pocohantas. Professional curriculum vitae ghostwriters services for school are both major and minor differences in the movie and the book. The Journal of John Smith starts out with him telling about long and hard trip was. John Smith's leader was a selfish man, and wasn't concerned about anything or anyone other than gold. He called all the Indians savages, and had no regard or respect for any of them. Also John Smith had no respect for the Indians, and also called them names. Well his view of Indians changed when he met the Indian's chief daughter, Pocohantas. They fell in love with one another, but could not be together because of the differences of their people. Later on Pocohantas loved John smith that she tried to protect him when the Indians were going to kill him. She succeeded, but unfortunately John Smith was later killed by a gunpowder accident The Disney movie had something's in common with John's Smiths Journal. For example, John and six sigma homework help crew did travel on a ship that was a hard Journey and his captain was a selfish man. His captain didn’t have any respect for the Indians also. Buy research paper online matt hoegs although very similar they are different, in the ways that they in the journal Pocohantas didn’t have any real animal friends. Also in the movie, at the end instead of John Smith's accidental gunpowder incident afflicted upon himself, he was accidentally shot by the Captain of his ship. Also in the movie he did dark matter wil wheaton die. The Indians and the "white men" did end up getting along and being friends. Even though the Disney movie was tv show about hackers more pleasant than the real story of John Smith and Pocohantas, it is very misleading. It should have been made to let kids know the truth. But I think both the movie and the book are excellent resources to learn about John Smith and Pocohantas. .

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