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Saturday, October 21, 2017 6:17:52 AM

Dangerous beauty essays Society has strict standards on people today. Often we find it very difficult to express our own feelings while satisfying the norms argumentative essay for the death penalty unconstitutional society. Sometimes people tend to give up their morals and beliefs in order to join the "normal" group of people. In the movie Dangerous Beauty, we see a young lady named Veronica who is faced with a dilemma. She can go two ways in life, one is letting go of her true feelings, and accepting societies norms by forgetting the ones she love, or the other is giving up her moral values and become a courtesan(fancy word for hooker) and bare the right to have sexual encounters with the one she loves. These dilemmas in context are very similar to dilemmas we face everyday. People avoid doing certain things for they fear society's harsh judgment. The film also shows very strong views of which sex is in power. We constantly see the mail figure as the strong-willed, easy to let go of his feelings, figure while we see the woman countless times falling head over heals over the male. We also see the lack of the male's spouses in the film, showing that they were of no importance. In the film, Veronica has an urge for education. Countless times we see this, such as when she was reading a book underneath the table when she wasn't supposed to be. Her effort to further augusta state university augusta ga herself was quite interesting because it didn't reflect her actions during the film. It showed the lack of her education even though she strived for it. She used education as a tool for sex, as we see in many instance in the film. She would use her literature to gain charm and attract surrounding males. It was interesting how the courtesan were the converting grams to liters educated of woman. William paterson university of new jersey philosophy skin kind of made a trap for Veronica. She was going to do what she really wanted to do, which was be educated, but she had to sacrifice her body and morals for it. I'm not surprised Veronica made this choice; it satisfied her heart more then any of her other decision would have.

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