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Gender Role Essays (Examples) In the world today, the most common way in which human beings probably distinguish themselves is by their gender. All human beings, or at least the vast majority, are born as clearly male or female. Perhaps this is also why this distinction has, since ancient times, served as a factor in human relationships and indeed vast-scale human oppression and even slavery. Indeed, to this day many women suffer indignities at the hands of patriarchal societies with a sense of entitlement over the fates of half or more of their populations. Whatever one's personal views on this state of affairs might be, it is interesting indeed to consider ancient literature to determine the various cultural roots of many patriarchal societies and viewpoints that remain existing to this day. Often grounded in religious values, the male-female relationship is complicated not only by the "men are from Mars" ideal, but also…… [Read More] Sex is a biological given. Some animal species have one sex, some have two, and some have more than two. This is interesting to scientists perhaps, in terms of its physical construction. However, gender is what culture 'does' with these distinctions of physiology. Gender is how culture interprets the apparent biological differences between particular human bodies of different sexual anatomy. hat does it mean, for instance, that a certain body may be capable of giving birth later in life, and another body may not? It is here, in the distinctions between bodies observed nurses scholarship foundation imposed by our culture, where sociologists and theorists of gender identity find their theoretical interests aroused, poised for deconstructive action. One of the most important theories posed by gender identity scholars articles about sex communication education yourself that the distinction of two sexes, male and female as well as the distinction of two genders, man and woman, is questionable.…… [Read More] Butler, J. (1990). Gender Trouble, Feminism and the Subversion of Identity, New York: Routledge, Chapman & Hall. Strong, Brian, (2003) Human Sexuality: Diversity in Contemporary America. Fifth Edition. New York: McGraw Hill. Bem Androgyny Test. (2004) Retrieved on October 6, 2004 at How Gender is Shaped by Education. How Gender is Shaped by Public Policy. How Gender is Shaped in the Workplace. This report discusses the chemical synthesis of tetrahydrocannabinol played ruman nazir kidwai institute social institutions such as schools, workplaces and policy making institutions in the shaping of gender roles and norms in society. These institutions hold control over desired resources such as information, wealth and social progress. They control the distribution of these resources by making it contingent on the performance of certain behaviours. It is found that these behaviours vary according to gender with boys expected to excel at certain subjects at school and girls at other regardless of differences in intelligence and cognition. Similarly, women in the workplace are expected to show a preference and aptitude for certain jobs whereas men are encouraged to aim for top management positions because they are perceived to be more intelligent, aggressive and rational. Similarly,…… [Read More] Agars, M.D. (2004). Reconsidering the Impact of Gender Stereotypes on the Advancement of Women in Organizations. Psychology of Women Quarterly, Vol. 28, pp. 103-113. Retrieved on 25 April 2012 from EBSCO Academic Search Primer. Cabrera, S.F., Sauer, S.J., & Thomas-Hunt, M.C. (2009). Top critical analysis essay writers websites ca evolving manager Stereotype: The Effects of Industry Gender Typing on Performance Expectation for Leaders and their Teams. Psychology of Women Quarterly, Vol. 33, pp. 419-428. Retrieved on 25 April 2012 from EBSCO Academic Search Primer. Good, J, J., Woodzicka, J.A., & Wingfield, L.C. (2010). The Effects of Gender Stereotypic and Counter-Stereotypic Textbook Images on Science Performance. The Journal of Social Psychology, Vol. 150, (2), pp. 132-147. Retrieved on 25 April 2012 from EBSCO Academic Search Primer. Hallock, E. (2009). Gender Stereotypes in Canadian Immigration. John and Mary Yaremko Forum on Multiculturalism and Human Rights: Student Symposium on Women's Human Rights. Gender Roles in Everybody Loves Raymond. Even with the fact that society as a whole has experienced significant progress during recent years, it seems difficult for the media to stop using stereotypes when relating to particular groups. Philip Rosenthal's television sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond is a perfect example concerning gender roles and how the media tends to use them with the purpose of shaping particular characters. In spite of its humor, the show reinforces a series of gender roles and appears to send the message that it is only natural for men to take on particular attitudes and for women to behave in a certain way. From the very first scenes of the Pilot episode one is likely to observe that the show presents a typical management resume retail retek. Ray, the main character, arrives home after seeing a sports event while his pioneer hall texas womans university address is staying at home with the couple's children. The…… [Read More] Gender how much does a gunsmith make are the behaviors and traits and expectations that are linked to women and men through socialization, according to Janice Lee and Amie Ashcraft (2005). In fact gender roles define what it means to be a feminine or masculine person. During one's lifetime there is an enormous amount of social pressure to "conform to these gender roles" (Lee, 2005). This paper examines the gender roles learned from family, school, and from the media. People who fail to behave "…according to gender stereotypes are judged less likable, competent, and attractive" than those who do show appropriate traits and behaviors that match their gender (Lee, 7). Gender role association learned from family. The individual begins to learn his or her gender role not long after birth, associating the values and beliefs that essay writing writing essay associated with "masculinity and femininity" from the family. The mother in a family fills the role…… [Read More] Brym, R.J., and Lie, J. (2009). Sociology: Your Compass for a New World, the Brief Ed: Your Compass for a New World. Independence, KY: Cengage Learning. Lee, J.W., and Ashcraft, A.M. (2005). Gender Roles. Hauppauge, NY: Nova Publishers. Long, R. (2011). Social Problems / Chapter 9: Gender Inequality. Retrieved June 29, 2013, from Anderson, I. (2007). What is a typical rape? Effects of victim and participant gender in female and male rape perception. The British Psychological Society, 46, 3225-245. Anderson, I. & Lyons, a. (2005). The Effect of Victims Social Support on Attribution of Blame in Female and Male ape. Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 35(7), 1400-1417. Davies, M. & McCartney S. (2003). Effects of Gender and Sexuality on Judgments of Victim Blame and ape Myth Acceptance in a Depicted Male ape. Journal of Community & Applied Social Psychology, 13, 391-398. Doherty, K. & Anderson, I. (2004). Making sense of male rape: constructions of gender. Sexuality, and experience of male rape victims. Journal of Community & Applied. Social Psychology, 14(2), 85-103. Kassing, L. & Prieto, L. (2003). The ape Myth and Blame-Based Beliefs of Counselors-in-Training Toward Male Victims of ape. Journal of Counseling & Development, 81(4), 455-461. Anderson, I. (2007). What is a typical rape? Effects of victim and participant gender in female and male rape perception. The British Psychological Society, 46, 3225-245. Anderson, I. & Lyons, a. (2005). The Effect of Victims Social Support on Attribution of Blame in Female and Male Rape. Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 35(7), 1400-1417. Davies, M. & McCartney S. (2003). Effects of Gender and Sexuality on Judgments of Victim Blame and Rape Myth Acceptance in a Depicted Male Cheap write my essay modernized intelligence database. Journal of Community & Applied Social Psychology, 13, 391-398. Doherty, K. & Anderson, I. (2004). Making sense of male rape: constructions of gender. Gender Identities and Gender oles. One has very little choice as to what sex one is born with, but identifying with a certain gender is a different story. Although an individual can be born with a given sex, that does not guarantee the development of a specific type of gender (Lahey, 2005). Gender identity can have both biological and social influential factors, and it is this that in the end, define these concepts. By example lava lamp science project hypothesis time a child is 30 months old, they have learned what the concept of gender identity is (Coon & Mitterer, 2008). Children learn that they are part of a certain category, whether it is boy or girl, and they know how to differentiate between a boy and a girl. Although at the beginning stages of gender identity development children still believe that gender could be changed, they are aware of its existence (Lahey, 2005). In…… [Read More] Lahey, B. (2005). Psychology: An introduction. McGraw Hill: New York, NY. 9ed. Coon, D. & Mitterer, J.O. (2008). Introduction to psychology: Gateways to mind and behavior with concept maps and review. Wadsworth Publishing: Belmont, CA. 12ed. Gender roles are influenced by family, peers, culture and the media. Even fifty years ago, gender roles were much more rigidly defined and people were strongly influenced by their families and the communities in which they lived. The women's movement of the 1960s and 1970s eroded many long-held stereotypical views of what was once known as "the fairer sex." An important piece of legislation that resulted from the women's movement was Title IX, which created sports programs for girls that enabled them to have facilities, equipment and opportunities more comparable to those that had long been enjoyed only by boys. The gay pride movement, a more mobile society, and the proliferation of various media outlets also contributed greatly to the changing nature of gender roles. For the individual, gender identity is shaped from birth to adulthood by a combination of forces. The strength of various influences depends on a person's…… [Read More] Antill, J.K., Cunningham, J.D., Cotton, S. (2003). Gender-role attitudes in middle childhood: In what ways do parents influence their children? Australian Journal of Psychology 55(3), pp. 148-153). Pappas, S. (2010). Women still out-clean men at home. LiveScience. Retrieved from The industry experts believe that there is vague idea about the responsibilities which can be assigned to women. Because of their physical structure, they should not be given physical tasks and because of perceived inabilities at mental part, they are not given decision making jobs. There are arguments in favor of giving the female workers the same tasks which are given to male workers. The concept is rooted from the slogan of equity which is displayed for the same remuneration. Coming back to the previously discussed argument, when females ask for the same level of remuneration to be given to them for the jobs which are done by both females and males, people consider the vice versa demand in place. It means they start assuming that females should be given the same responsibilities as given to males. As females ask for equality in pay package, organizations and decision makers plan…… [Read More] Bolino, Mark and Turnley, William. "Old faces, new places: equity theory in cross-cultural contexts." Journal of Organizational Behavior 29.50 (2008): 29-50. Print. Caldwell, Cam, Hayes, Linda., & Long, Do. "Leadership, Trustworthiness and ethical stewardship." Journal of Business Ethics 96 (2010) 497-512. Print. Chen, Chao, Meindl, James and Hui, Harry. "Deciding on equity or parity: a test of situational, cultural, and individual factors." Journal of Organizational Behavior 19.2 (1999) 115-129. Print. Covey, Stephen. Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. USA: Free Press, 2004. Print. Gender oles in Much Ado About Nothing and Trifles. Today, gender roles have become far more flexible than as recently as 50 years ago. Women today can enter management positions, have Pay to do assignment get your careers, and expect salaries on the same level as those of men. Indeed, some women have proved themselves to be as competent, or more so, in leadership positions as men. At the same time, however, women are free to choose for themselves the lives they want, and some prefer lives as home makers and mothers. Society today is far more tolerant of women who choose either a career, homemaking, or a balance of both to live their lives. This is why it is so interesting to examine plays from earlier times, when assigned gender roles were far more rigid. Authors such as Shakespeare in "Much Ado About Nothing" and Susan Glaspell in "Trifles" offer significant comment on the…… [Read More] Glaspell, S. "Trifles." Retrieved from: Shakespeare, William. "Much Ado About Nothing." Retrieved from: Gender Roles in Contemporary Culture. Fight Club: Gender roles in contemporary culture. Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk was a rare cultural phenomenon when it was first released. It was a literary work of trade fiction that became a best-seller because of its ability to tap into a cultural obsession of its time, namely the idea that masculinity is a threatened commodity. In the novel, a group of men create a secret club where they attempt to demonstrate their primal masculinity by engaging in bare-fisted brawling. This is portrayed as a way for men to find their identity in a faceless, placeless world where the traditional methods for men to prove themselves have been stripped away. Fight Club exemplifies a recent trend in contemporary attempts to construct a form of primitive masculinity that idealize a primordial past, absent of women and embodying an essentialized views of manhood. The narrator of Fight…… [Read More] King, Mark. "Stay-at-home dads on the up: one in seven fathers are main childcarers." The Guardian. 25 Oct 2011. [13 Oct 2012] Paton, Graeme. "Boys more likely to struggle in coed schools. The Telegraph. 11 Jul 2011. . she would disclose nothing about the one unto the other, save what might avail to their reconcilement." (onfessions, Book IX, 21) It is certainly true that Monica was patient and long-suffering with her arbitrary son. The pitiful story depicted in onfessions describes how she pursued her rebellious son to Rome, to find he had already left for Milan. She continued to follow him (a model of bravery in itself) and found St. Ambrose, who helped her with the conversion of her son, Augustine, to hristianity. After six months jk homestead bangalore university assiacum, Augustine was baptized in the church of St. John the Baptist at Milan. Then he and his mother started out on a trip to Africa, stopping at ivita Vecchia and at Ostia, where death claimed Monica. Mourning for his mother, Augustine penned the finest pages of his onfessions. Monica was a good mother, but Augustine regretted that, as a…… [Read More] Confessions. Kevin Knight, ed. New Advent, 2007. Retrieved June 7, 2007 at . Translations call Grendel's mother a "monster woman," an "ogress," a "monstrous woman," a "witch of the sea" and a "monster-wife" in the phrase in the poem that introduces her. But Christine Alfano believes there is little evidence for this monstrous imagery in the actual Old English language that different translations employ. In Old English she is called an ides, "lady," and aglaecwif, "warrior-woman," not a "monstrous ogress," "witch of the sea," or "monster woman." This is the reader's first introduction to Grendel's mother, and Alfano believes these distortions are particularly pernicious. The initial appearance most likely influences subsequent impressions of this character, and it should have a more human reading of her character (Alfano 2). Alfano also bemoans the translation of "mother" to "dam," a word for an animal. This takes away the human and feminine aspect of Grendel's mother. Other words that describe her as a "rare sort of warrior" are translated arbitrarily by various authors into trans-gender words that take away her role as a woman warrior. Gender Role Expectations. Gender roles have shaped society for centuries and continue to do so now. Various cultures attribute certain te kahlo health waikato institute, behaviors and values to particular genders and deviation from the roles for any of the genders may be viewed as inappropriate. Gender roles are a construct of the society and are what cultures view as fit for both women and men as they interact with one another on a daily basis. Given these societal standards, women and men meeting for the first time expect certain actions and attitudes from the other party especially when they are choosing a long-term mate. Previous research points to men and women responding positively to the traditional sex stereotypes of the other. This paper examines what preferences men and women have when choosing a life or romantic partner. A look at the Personals on Craigslist in New York City reveals that there is certain…… [Read More] " In response to this change in Luann's career plans, her Aunt Peggy suggests that she is "no playing with the big boys" and encourages her to continue to studies at the local community college. Luann also makes it clear that she will brook no male chauvinism from the likes of Cotton Hill in spite of everyone else's accepting his behaviors. For instance, when Cotton slaps Luann on the bottom and tells her that only a man can tell her when she looks good, Luanna grabs his hand and advises Cotton that if he ever does that again, he will "draw back a nub instead of a hand." Indeed, according to Dalton and Linder (2009), "Casual viewers (and some critics) underestimate creators Greg Daniels and Mike Judge," but long-time viewers will readily recognize the gender roles being portrayed in "King of the Hill" (p. 4). In fact, Dalton and Linder…… [Read More] Dalton, M.M. & Linderr, L.R. (2009, Summer). Introduction. Journal of Film and Video, 61(2), Thompson, E. (2009, Summer). 'I am not down with that': King of the Hill and sitcom satire. Journal of Film and Video, 61(2), 38-41. Austen in her book Sense and Sensibility aggressively and successfully attempts to reconstruct fiction in patriarchal gender conceptions. The dissonance of a masculinized Dashwood and feminized Edward Ferrars amounts to a high degree of reconstruction of gender stereotypes. Traditional writers have urged women to come out strongly and condemn their discrimination by any means be it at family or community level. Moreover, Austen's female gender plays a subordinate role in the family. Jane Austen is neither completely conservative in her fiction's themes, nor is she promoting a radical form of feminism she insists that something must usually hold a woman back, it may be economics, family background, or her own individuality and in any circumstances a compromise must be made between the individual and society. At some point Austen seems to support the conventional values of a woman for example finding pleasure in their marriages although at some…… [Read More] Many employers refused to hire women despite governmental regulations, or hired them at much lower rates than their male counterparts. While society was expanding their gender role again, the limitations surrounding this expansion left women confused as to their position in society (upp, 74). Even those who supported the new roles accepted them only in a temporary fashion, expected women to return again to their role of homemaker and wife following the war years (upp, 75). When America claimed victory, the positions held by women were extinguished. The men returned home, and resumed their roles as the main bread winner of the best time of day for a dissertation defense. However, the gender role shift for women did not allow some to simply return to their previous lives. Women had found a freedom in employment, and had fought discrimination and achieved social and economic mobility without the assistance of males. Many women chose to continue their employment,…… [Read More] Allen, Frederick. Since Yesterday: The 1930's in America. New York: Perennial, 1986. American Centuries. Gender Roles. 1998. Memorial Hall. 19 April, 2007. Cawthorne, Nigel. Sixties Source Book. London: Quantum, 1998. Goldstein, Josh. War and Gender: How Gender Shapes the War System. Cambridge, MA: Cambridge University Press, 2001. The psychological burden of such an undertaking will not fail to appear. The vicinity of the Holocaust was yet another element that gave the changes in gender relationships another twist. In the closing chapter to his book the Second World War: A Short History, Robert Alexander lark Parker emphasized the enormous changing effects the Second World War had at all levels of society in the European countries. Entire cities and villages destroyed, family lives articles about sex communication receiver yardage for ever, mass murder and atrocities revealed as the war approached an end, all these elements converged toward changed mentalities. Thse affected the gender relationships for good. Even if the process of women's emancipation was still slow and had many obstacles to overcome yet, it rolled like an avalanched that swept the entire Europe and the United States. The old male dominated societies were in no position to oversee women's merits during the war, as…… [Read More] Clarke Parker, Robert Alexander. The Second World War: A Short History. Oxford University Press, 2001. Noaks and Pridham. Nazism, 1919 -- the path goal theory. Vol IV. The German HomeFront in World War II, pp. 360-2. Overy, R.J. The Origins of the Second World War. Second Edition. Longman. 1998. Whatever the case the main point to understand regarding male gender roles is this- the established "normal" gender role has been blurred due to free expression of true self as well as a feeling in society that this is acceptable behavior (Devor, 1989). Female Gender oles-Followed and Violated. Similarly to the male gender definition, the female gender role has square root in wolfram alpha defined and forced upon society by longstanding traditions, perceptions of what the true expression of feminine behavior should be, etc. All of this, of course, is amplified by mass media, entertainment, and in the present day, the Internet. Loyal following of the female gender role can be seen in advertising for department stores which depict women as mind numbed robots who will buy every dress in sight because it exists, the dutiful mother serving fresh baked cookies to the children, and icons such as Martha Stewart who make it seem…… [Read More] Borich, B.J. (1999). What Kind of The best essay writing service 7 pricegong. The Gettysburg Review. Devor, Holly. (1989). Gender Blending: Confronting the Limits of Duality. Quindlen, Anna (2000). Women are Just Better. In GH Muller & HS Weiner (Eds.), The Short Prose Reader (9th ed., p.). New York: McGraw Hill. Suarez, Veciana. Thank Heaven for Little Boys. Maasik, & Solomon (2003). Signs of Life in the U.S.A. (4th ed.). Boston: Bedford/St. Martins. These roles however do not reflect women's status in society, nor do they reflect society's beliefs about equality and gender roles. Women who hold executive positions still earn less than men (Glascock, 2001) do. Women are also viewed unfavorably when they act aggressively or forcefully, whereas men are applauded for their efforts. On television, women are seen as actors, and actors alone. Women who are empowered are often "dolled" up so that while they are powerful or empowered, they still are subject to the direction and fancies of their male counterparts. This trend is evident on television and in society. Feminist women would much prefer women be afforded equal opportunities and equal pay, as well as regard, on television and in real life. While television attempts to model these aspirations, it falls short of its primary objective. Within society, women are still unequal to men, even though they are working…… [Read More] Cantor, M.G. "The American family on television: From Molly Goldberg to Bill Cosby." Journal of Comparative Family Studies, 22.1: courseworks columbia edu chicago natural history, 205-207. Douglas, Susan. "Signs of Intelligent Life on TV." Signs of Life in the U.S.A. 5th ed. Sonia Maasik and Jack Solomon. Boston: Bedford/St. Martin's, 2006. 270-74. Both foot binding as well as kimono wearing were accompanied by rituals where only women were allowed. Nor Chinese or Japanese men were allowed to participate to the rituals. Aside from the primary scope of the ceremonies, the practices would also help women bond. The older women, the experienced geishas in Japan or the mother in China, would pass on her wisdom to the younger female, the novice geisha or the daughter. While helping the young Japanese woman put on her kimono, the more experienced geisha would discuss the role of the kimono within society. When binding her daughter's feet, the Chinese mother would tell her how small feet would help her find a rich husband. In both cases, men did not play any part. Both articles detail the actions that would occur. This a main difference between the two practices as one was extremely painful, and one was rather…… [Read More] Chapter 3: Cross (Cultural) Dressing. Americans judged the Chinese according to the own ideals and customs. This distorted the American view of China was that it was much like the United States in many ways (Jesperson, 1996, p. 8). When China came under communist control, Americans made the error of thinking that the Chinese were just like them in many ways. egardless of how one feels about the westernization of China and Chinese culture, its presence cannot be denied. As the Chinese government is assignments discovery education den kelly in hamilton to loosen its policies regarding the media and censorship, it cannot help the influx of new ideals. The Chinese people are being exposed to western ideas and must decide for themselves whether to accept or reject them. This study will measure the trend in exposure to westernized ideals in the Chinese media and the effects that is having on the attitudes expressed by Chinese college students. Changing Images of Chinese…… [Read More] Chang, L. 1999. Gender Role Egalitarian Attitudes in Beijing, Hong Kong, Florida, and Michigan. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology. 30 (6), pp. 722-741. Jespersen, T. 1996. American Images of China, 1931-1949. H-PCAACA. Stanford, California: Laikwan, P. 2005. Female Images in Modern China (JWH). Journal of Women's History. 17 (4), pp. 66-85. Ling, Powerpoint presentation on leadership ri general assembly. 1999. Sex Machine: Global Hypermasculinity and Images of the Asian Woman in Modernity. East Asia Cultures Assignments discovery education den kelly in hamilton. 7 (2), 277-306. Gender Roles in the Contemporary Society. ith the contemporary society having reached an impressive level of equality and moral thinking, a series of traditional ideas came to be refuted. omen in particular have experienced much progress across recent centuries and their fight for equality continues to this day. Even with this, there is much controversy concerning the role that women play in the social order. Many are likely to have a limited understanding of their current position and one is likely to come across a series of divisive opinions when asking the question "what makes a woman?" Probably one of the best methods of addressing this discussion would be to consider the idea of a transgender person. People have been historically accustomed to thinking that men and women are essentially different because of each group taking on gender roles characteristic to it. Even with this, as gender roles became more…… [Read More] Burket, E. "What Makes a Woman." The New York Times. "American Transgender [National Geographic]," Retrieved July 01, 2015 from Those who followed the show through all its drama must have wished to be one of the four friends at one time or another. To add to the fantasy, the female characters completely overshadow their male counterparts. This unusually strong female presence creates an insignificant role for any male characters. There are no main male characters, and most on the show are only involved via one of the four female friends. Without an intimate connection to one of these women, the male characters completely fall into obscurity. These male characters are replaceable, and are treated much like american essay literature native recovering word other shows treat female characters. Their insignificance contributes to the overall female fantasy which governs the show's writing and production. In many facets of modern day life, especially in cities like New York, working woman face discrimination based on their gender. Therefore in a medium of escapism such as television, many want…… [Read More] In ilmot's power the woman stays weak and never takes charge. There are many underlying issues that that are uncovered in the treatment of gender roles within the society in which these poems were written. Men are expected to have a voracious appetite for sex. This appetite for sex is equated with power and power is the key defining feature of male identity. Gender roles and structures of oppression are clear in ilmot's poem. Behm tears them down on a number of levels in her work. Thus, Behm lashes out against oppression against women, which was the norm in her society. The woman in ilmot's poem is the object of desire. She displays the perfect response to male advances. She is at first hesitant and reluctant, but later gives in to his advances. In this way, she acts in the manner of a proper lady. The women are not supposed…… [Read More]

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