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Tuesday, October 24, 2017 8:17:43 AM

Natalie rogers essays Dr. Natalie Rogers conducted a therapy session utilizing several of the person centered therapy concepts. Right from the start, Rogers creates a relaxed feeling by taking a moment to clear their minds and release any tensions. This seemed to be an attempt to prepare the client to share freely, but also to convey an atmosphere of positive regard. The therapist is, without saying so, expressing genuine concern for the client’s well-being and comfort. Rogers continuously uses reflection to express understanding, empathy and unconditional positive regard. During the first part of the session, Rogers avoids any unnecessary commentary and hardly asks any direct questions. She uses northwestern university laoag history of football reflective listening to allow the client to hear what is getting across. She also injects statements to reinforce unconditional positive regard. She says she is there for her, the client, in her vulnerability or not and later says “I’m open to hearing both” referring to positive and negative aspects of her relationship with her husband. Dr. Roger’s allows the client to do most of the talking and slowly progresses to using gentle questioning. She always poses the question in a way which permits the client e as o university say no. For example she would ask, “ Would you like to say a little more about that lack of communication?” Then cheap reflective essay editing for hire for phd offers for the client to use color to demonstrate anything she is feeling. While the client is coloring, Rogers comforts the client by letting her now that her art will not be interpreted. When she is done the therapist allows the client to interpret the drawing herself. Rogers again reinforces the unconditional positive regard and genuine care by empathically stating that “there is no easy solution order essay online cheap writing from the perspective of abigail adams what you are talking about.” Throughout all of the interpretation, the therapist asks the client to speak in first person. The therapist is attempting to have the client recognize her self-concept. The .

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