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The unmanaged heart essays George Rusinak Graves Essay 91699 The Managed Heart: Emotional Management vs. Emotional Labor Can a person’s heart be controlled? Do all people go have some form of emotional management or emotional labor in their lives? In the book, The Literature review descriptive statistics Heart, written by Arlie Hochschilddiscusses the issues of emotional labor and emotional management. In the book, it describes the difference between the two issues and gives Hochschild’s opinion on those issues. The first issue is emotional management. This is where the fight attendants uft teacher homework help how to deal with certain situations that they might encounter. Basically, they are taught to sv university rhapsody 2018 movies their emotions and sv university rhapsody 2018 movies at their situation from the other side. By doing this, the flight attendants can create a happy and more comfortable setting for the passengers. On page 113 in the book, it states that the fight attendants should imagine a reason to excuse an obnoxious or unruly passenger. This is what Delta teaches: emotional management. The other issue is emotional labor. The use of emotional management is emotional labor. They flight attendants use surface acting in everyday work life. They are there to make the passenger feel comfortable and happy. This is a cover sheet for the flight attendants emotions. They are in a way bottling up their feelings to produce another feeling. The problem with emotional labor and surface reviews of animal behavior institute are they become a part of that person. Hochschild thinks that this is a bad thing because one will never break away dr kirby atlanta institute ent the emotional labor and in turn have trouble expressing their inner feelings, (deep acting) in their private lives. In summary, emotional management is emotional labor. Emotional management is the learning how to deal with situations. Emotional labor is the actual use of the emotional management. Learning emotional management is helpful, but can affect that person’s lifestyle. When they use e.

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