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Monday, October 16, 2017 11:58:58 PM

Behavior modification essays Behavior can be modified in many different methods. Of the many methods, schedules and procedures that come to mind four of these methods or contingencies for behavior spark the most basic of ideas. Positive Reinforcement, Negative Reinforcement, Positive Punishers and Negative Punishers. When looking at Positive and Negative Reinforces and Punishers it is important not to associate the words with value judgments. When using these words in a training capacity they should be viewed as the addition (positive) or Which is correct: anytime or any time? (negative) of something. When referring to reinforcement and punishment, one should consider that Reinforcement refers to something that results in improvement in conditions for the subject, while Punishment refers to a relationship that results in decay or worsening of conditions for the subject. Positive reinforcement is when a response is followed by the addition of a stimulus, and then that response is more likely to recur. For Programming languages as weapons, lets pretend we are in a classroom in the near future. You raise your hand to ask a question, and a $5 bill pops out of your writing my research paper exploring what thai students of english learn from massively multiplayer o. You ask another question, and the same thing happens. Very soon you’ll find yourself asking more and more questions. Here, the programming languages as weapons has become a reinforcer because it increased your level of question asking. Negative reinforcement, on the other hand, is when a response is followed by the removal of a stimulus and then that response is more likely to recur. Notice that negative reinforcement also makes the response more likely to recur. Let’s revisit the hypothetical classroom. Now, when you sit in your desk, you receive an electric shock. Whenever you are in your desk you’re being shocked. One day you ask a question and the shock disappears, for a moment. Again you ask a question and the shock disappears for a moment. Soon you find yourself asking a lot of questions. Your question asking is also being reinforced, but now by the r.

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