Assignment of mortgage years of the great

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The crimean war essays The Crimean war was caused by numerous factors that eventually boiled over and spurred war. This time period was one based off of the balance of power and conservatism throughout Europe. The main conflict resulted from religious tensions throughout the Ottoman Empire, caused by Russia’s threats and actions to control orthodox religions within the empire. This was cause for concern for many other countries and soon after other countries became involved and by the end of the war, the whole ideology of conservatism was undermined and in shambles. Russia’s desire to hold control over orthodox religions was also balanced with a need to retain power over the Ottoman empire in general. Russia wanted complete writing literary analysis essay Les Roches International School of Hotel Management over these religions to impose their power in assignment of mortgage years of the great Ottoman Empire. However Orthodox factions including Judaism, Christianity and Islam were all rooted in expelling the Russians from the Ottoman Empire. One particular concern they had was the protector-ship of the Holy places in Jerusalem. Also a cause of the Crimean war were the deep divides between the Roman Catholic believers and Eastern Catholic orthodox believers who could not coexist in the Ottoman empire and sought for control of the holy land. More specifically in 1850 Louis Napoleon of France decided to “champion the cause” of the Roman Catholics by attempting to take over the Holy places. He was well within his rights critical thinking strategies for middle school do this, but this only angered Czar Nicholas and the Eastern Orthodox Church. However Russia still wanted to maintain control over the protection of Orthodox Christians in Turkey, and also to gain a foothold their and retain power. Soon How to write a cause effect essay Charterhouse was beginning to take action in the Ottoman Empire to enforce their power over Orthodox Catholics and expand. However the Ottoman Empire had very powerful friends across Europe. Both England, France and Austria grew increasingly concerned as Russia attempted to keep its strangle hold on the Ottoman Empire.

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