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Tuesday, October 17, 2017 4:42:32 AM

Pee wee scouts thanksgiving essays Pee Wee Scouts are a group of kids that do good things for other people. On thanksgiving they made baskets for the poor people. So the poor people had somthing to eat on thanksgiving. Rider university newswire story isn't that nice. When they were filling the baskets they found a unlabled can. Their teacher Mrs. Petters annotated bibliography citation in mla them to put one unlabled can in each basket. She also said "They will suprsed what is in the can". They visit a turkey farm and Sonny went to cry because he wanted a pet turkey. So he cryed and cryed until he gets the turkey he wants. It's name is Tiger. Mrs. Petters tell them they are going to do a play. About pilgrims and Indains. With the mayor wachting them. They do the play and Rachel tells everyone she won't forget her part.Molly told Rachel she would not remeber her line.When it was time for Rachel to say her part she didn't remeber her line. So Molly helped Rachel say her line. Molly said her line great. Sonny has to bring Tiger back to the farm were Tigers firends live. "He was lonley anyway". said Sonny. .

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