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Adult development essays ongoing process that occurs throughout albany state university new dorms adult's life. Some writers on this topic postulate that adolescence and adulthood has developmental stages much like those described by Piaget and Kohlberg for wide range of academic writing tasks. These authors focus on the developmental stages of adulthood, recognizing that adulthood involves the continuation articles about sex communication on the internet z car new challenges, and not one static end state (Lucas and Kuhner, 1999). Just as children integrate prior developmental milestones into themselves as they move on to a new developmental level, adults continue to grow and evolve, integrating prior experiences and knowledge into themselves as they face each new developmental challenge. This can be called "lifespan developmental psychology (Baltes et. al., 1999). This approach to evaluating life at all points of the lifespan includes the prior evolution of the individual, and asserts that development involves three developmental goals: "growth, maintenance, and regulation of loss" (Baltes et. al., 1999). The authors point out that these stages do not occur at equal significance levels at all ages, and that maintenance and regulation of loss become more significant as an individual ages (Baltes et. al., 1999). They define "growth" as activities and behaviors that increase the person's ability albany state university new dorms function and adapt. By maintenance, they mean behaviors that either nurture and support the person's ability to function, or that restore the ability to cope after significant loss. Adaptation remains a challenge throughout life, and as a person ages, may become an important function as the individual loses resources such as finances or people important to them (Baltes et. al., 1999). Presumably, the ability to adapt would also be important as an individual faced the problem of declining health. These issues are especially important to society now because the number in our .

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