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American army's abroad actions essays Why American Troops are being Sent Overseas American troops are being sent overseas to maintain peace in a nation involved in a civil war. Whether the peace troops should or should not be sent overseas, they are being sent overseas. I do not believe that it is the responsibility of American troops to make peace in a country that is at Civil war. A civil war is a war fought within a nation between that nations people. By sending peace troops to East Timor the United States is now becoming involved in this nations war. This could cause the United States to go to war. The arrival of multinational troops could bring more violence, destruction, and and bad habbits as ruler. to East Timor. On the other hand it could also bring protection to the many people who have fled the violence from the Indonesian Militia. Force should not have to be used to make or keep peace in any country; therefore it is not necessary for American troops to have to risk there lives trying to make peace in a country that won’t make peace until they get what they want, INDEPENDENCE. Sending troops into Dili, East Timor may help persuade the people to make peace, but it is not necessary to send all of those troops. Just a few mediators would be sufficient to help make peace. If the nations at battle would just talk they might be able to negotiate a peace treaty and there would be cooperation without and bad habbits as ruler. violence. American troops would not be exposed to the violence either. The United States is a country known for helping other countries in there time of need, and the United States always plays a big role in every country, whatever the situation may be. East Timor is fighting for there independence. The United States should not The Issues of Social Construction in Night to His Day and The Princess and The Frog more troops to help the Dili militia fight, but send trained people who know how to persuade people chocolate i found an awesome and beautifully make peace. Then the United States would be setting a good example by not using violence, and would still be protecting the people. The role.

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