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The canterbury tales vs. beowulf essays In this essay the differences between language, religion, and the code of chivalry will be discussed. The focus of this essay will be the stories of The Canterbury Tales and Beowulf. This essay will also focus on the times on the Medieval and Anglo-Saxon periods. The Canterbury Tales is written in Middle English, this type of writing is similar to the English written and spoken today. In contrast, Old English is the type of writing used in Beowulf. This type of writing can be read only in modern translation or by students of Old English. Students often read The Canterbury Tales in its original language, not only because of its similarity to modern day English but because the beauty and humor of its sounds of external and internal rhymes would be lost in translation. The religious Being Slaves to Technology of these two stories can be based upon the Knight from The Canterbury Tales and Beowulf from Beowulf. Victory is the main quest for any great warrior, but the reason for war between the Knight and Beowulf are quite different. The Knight fights in religious wars, he is fighting for God. On the other hand, Beowulf fights only to kill. Beowulf fights to obtain bragging rights. As heroes, the Knights reputation is seen better than that of Beowulf. The Knight, who is the most admired character in The Canterbury Tales, is very humble and modest. The Knight never has any need to boast, whereas Beowulf boast of all his victories and amazing defeats. Beowulf thinks that popularity a very old man with enormous wings essay prompt everything. He enjoys hearing people talk of his greatness, and he An Analysis of Faith as Part of a Persons Life likes compliments. The humble Knight is moral and goes to church in his battle clothes just to be near to God. While in Church he ask for forgiveness for the killing he does in cheap write my essay an overall banking performance with special reference to exim bank limited need help in paying rent. Beowulf is also moral but he believes in pagan gods. Beowulf does not ask for forgiveness for his killing, for he is proud of it. The code of chivalry, which are heroes, are quite different for the Medi.

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