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Friday, October 20, 2017 8:38:05 AM

Post 1950-life after the advent of credit cards essays Post 1950- Life After the Advent of Credit Cards Life has changed in many ways since the advent of the credit card. Since their inception into society in the early 1950’s, help cant do my essay text talk in students? formal writing cards have changed the jeremy desel university of houston consumers approach purchasing goods, amass and pay off debt, and view the concept of interest. While not all for the good, the entire economy has changed because of this fairly new technology being introduced into society. Credit cards have changed the buying habits of the average American consumer. For example, credit cards tend to make the customer more susceptible to buying on impulse. Anyone who has spent some time in an airport or hospital gift shop will attest to this argument. In these particular stores, there is almost nothing of real value or use to the consumer, yet people can be seen leaving the shop with armloads of junk ranging from Styrofoam cup holders to a two-inch scale replica of the Statue of Liberty. No one really needs these things, but because we have the convenience of our cards, the thought never crosses our minds, and within seconds the sale is made and we’re stuck with the junk. Thanks in large part to the credit card many Americans are in a great amount of debt. While most credit card holders do pay their bills before any interest accumulates, many do not and are hit with an automatic finance charge and subsequent late fees. These charges can pile up quite quickly, and the analysis on the relationship between the Riyal-US dollar exchange rate custom written term papers thing you know, a major debt is on the consumer. Bankruptcy can come into play when the debt becomes out of control. Personal bankruptcies increased every year for almost ten years after credit cards became widely used. In some cases credit is even offered to low-bracket taxpayers with negative bank accounts, who are then exposed to great temptation essay writing methods to stop spend more than they know how to repay. The consequences of not paying are harsh: including repossession, garnishment, legal action, foreclosure, and, as.

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