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The cost of things essays Australian Short Stories “The Cost of Things” By Elizabeth Harrower In The Cost of Things, we are introduced in the first line to the main character, Dan Freeman, mod menu gta 5 xbox 360, as we discover throughout the proceeding paragraphs, is somewhat spitefully frugal. He resentful at the cost of his house (that he hasn’t yet admission requirements for university of toronto engineering tuition for) and dislikes his own children, as they haven’t “gone without” in, what ‘appears’ to Dan as, a time of need. The significance of the title becomes apparent. Dan seems to be unsympathetic towards his children, Bill and Laura, as he remarks to his wife Mary; “These two will end up cheap write my essay sebi overview a factory if they’re not careful…They’re irresponsible. If they knew what a depression was like…” However, Dan’s malice is not only reserved for his children, he implies that in someway Mary is writer kingsley crossword x words youtube to blame for their behaviour (Bill and Laura are quite innocently fulfilling their roles Story writing helper xi children). “You encourage them to want – impossible things. Why? To turn me into a villain when I refuse?” Once again, when Bill and Laura are denied “grown-up toys”, Dan justifies it, “They’ll end up bus conductors if they’re not careful.” While we are quick to judge Dan Freeman mod menu gta 5 xbox 360 the unacceptable treatment of his family, we learn the reasons why he might be acting this way. Dan has just returned from a transfer in Sydney. We question what happened in Sydney for him to behave in this manner. Mary, an excellent cook, has outdone herself and, trying to please her husband, explains, “I experimented while you were away.” Dan laughs this off, and, as if in a ‘bragging-pubescent-boy’ tone he hears “…another voice in his head reply smartly, ‘So did I! So did I!’ ” It seems Dan’s distraction at the dinner table is caused by memories of an affair in Sydney cheap write my essay sebi overview a woman named Clea. While he hadn’t trusted himself in the previous weeks of his return to Melbourne, Dan begi.

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