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Jeremiah essays EXEGETICAL PAPER Jeremiah prophesied in Judah in the year 626 B.C. This was about halfway through the reign of Josiah over Judah. He continued through the reigns of Jehoahaz, Jehoiakim, Jehoiachin, and Zedekiah. During this time, Judah was in turmoil. Jeremiah spoke of the death and destruction of the nation of Judah. Nations such as Egypt, Assyria, and 1.5 divided by 3 were consumed with the idea of imperialization, and set out to conquer new lands and expand their territories. Judah was caught in the middle, and their livelihood was threatened. Jeremiah spoke of this threat often. In the text of Jeremiah 13:15-27, he goes into detail about the threat of captivity that faced Where exactly i can see spectacular order custom essays people of Judah. In chapter 12, Jeremiah is crying out to the Lord, and asking Him to do something to change the way of the people of Judah. The Lord answers Jeremiah by telling him that He is going to do something, and that he is going to uproot the evil. (12:14) In the first part of chapter 13, the Lord is saying that since the people of Judah are lifting up idols, and worshipping false Gods, they will be completely need help do my essay testosterone and infidelity. (13:10) The selected text is a message to Judah from the Lord, spoken through Jeremiah. Jeremiah is in Jerusalem, and need help do my essay testosterone and infidelity I sharing the word of the Lord. In versus 15-17, Jeremiah is telling the people to listen to him because he is speaking the words of the Lord. God needs to receive glory for revealing himself to man, and if he does not receive the glory, and if his word is not taken seriously, “the Lord’s flock will be taken captive” (verse 17b). In versus 18-19, Jeremiah is speaking of the exile that is about to happen. Kings and Queens crowns will fall, Negev will be shut up, and Judah will be carried away completely into exile are all things that will happen that point towards the exile of the Judeans. The Lord is saying that it is going to happen, so beware. He gave His reasons in the previous part o.

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