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Monday, October 16, 2017 7:45:41 AM

Child observation essays Blonde boy in blue and red striped shirt. The little boy that I observed began playing personal statement occupational therapy month business plan resumes workbench. He looked over each tool carefully. He then put on the clear plastic goggles and put everything in a certain place in his work carryall thing. First a tape measure then a balance ruler, etc… Walked over quietly with the work carryall to a animal cloning essay conclusion table across Sample Resume Exle Resume Teacher room. (Away form the other children.) Then he quickly ran over to the previous table and jumped in front of it, grabbed the hammer and ran personal statement occupational therapy month to the new table. He began to hammer the plastic nail into the plastic wood piece from his carryall. He began hammering really really hard. “It’s dark in here……….a little bit.” The teacher turns the lights on. He appears to be happy. While talking he holds his hands together. Occasionally he would suck on his finger. At “clean up time” he did not follow directions and went over to where the therapy ball is kept and played with two other young boys. He then follows the two boys over to the area where carpets with the names of all the children have personal statement occupational therapy month laid out. Immediately he found his and sat down. At this time is he very quiet still and does not say anything, but he is paying very close attention to the teacher. “I have new pants.” He says out loud. The teacher then begins to sing an individual stand up song and he follows the directions of the song. During the “shake” song, which involved the group as a whole, he did not follow directions but stood there and looked around. But did follow the open mouth song which was also a group song. The right left hand he also followed along with. During the pledge of allegiance he put his hand over his heart but did not recite it. After this he remained standing and kept his hands behind his back and was very calm compared to the other children. .

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