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Thursday, October 26, 2017 7:18:32 PM

Leaders are shaped by the demands placed on them essays Since time immemorial people have defined leader as a torch-bearer,a trend setter. A man is not born with a silver torch in his hand.he is shaped from time to time the day he steps in the society.he has to be with society from womb to tomb.leaders many not always be shaped by the demands placed upon them.there are so many other factors contributing to making of a leader. Leaders are not born but are created.take for instance the example of mahatma Gandhi.born into a middle class family he was s mild essay on the teacher Les Roches Marbella International School of Hotel Management a shy son of kasturibai.he never did very well in his school days and was a mediocre student.though principles of honesty was imbibed in him since childhood.he never copied in his exams and was always honest. To acquire a bachelors he had to cross the seven seas and to London.this was considered a taboo in those days.though he professional masters critical thinking sample to face a lot of resistance he sailed off to London to pursue his career.later on he went to south Africa where the latent qualities of a leader sparked off.the moment he landed in Durban he found social injustice and racial discrimination.the Indians were called coolies.a hindu doctor was called a “doctor coolie” and a bachelor was called “bachelor coolie”.this had esl argumentative essay editing site online deep impact on his ego. While traveling from Durban tp a small town by a railway he I need to recognize and analyze 3 poetic devices in Falling by James Dickey.? had to face racial bias between the balcks and whites.he was thrown out of the compartment.this incident was enough for Gandhi to fight for injustice by his own personal expericence.he could not tolerate the indignities the dopamine hypothesis his countrymen were subject to.and a leader was born. A leader who was later on immortalized as “mahatma”. .A fine blend of a fire-walk of his own personal experiences and his deep rooted qualities imbibed from his childhood had made gandhiji a leader. Many presidents and prime ministers that lead a nation have to cater to the demands of so many people.certainly leaders have to take decisions .

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