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Kate chopin’s desiree’s baby essays Our society has come a long way from the days of slavery; however, there are people that suffer from the effects of racism to this day. In Kate Chopin’s “Desiree’s Baby” she does a great job in describing words which relate to the theme of racism and gender bias. This story is about a woman that was abandoned when she was just a baby and founded by Madame Valmonde and took her in as her own. Armand was a boy that had just moved to the United States from Paris, he met Desiree once and did not notice her again until she was older, because she was sv university rhapsody 2018 movies beautiful as can be, and he instantly fell in love with her appearance. Right away Distributional hypothesis harris 1954 and Desiree were married and they had a baby which was boy. When the boy was about three months old, Desiree starts to notice that her baby boy is different; meaning the way he looked such as his skin color. Armand starts to notice as well, and quickly avoids Desiree distributional hypothesis harris 1954 the baby and even tells her to leave with the baby because the baby was not pure white. Weeks pass by and Armand burns everything that reminds him of Desiree and the baby only to come across a letter from his mother to his father saying that his mother was not pure white and thanking him for loving her. The author uses detailed words in “Desiree’s Baby” to describe the theme, message, and intentions to captivate the reader’s feelings. This story is set in the early nineteen hundreds, just before the American Civil War. At that time, slavery was legal and people who had traces of African descent were treated worse than insects. It was a time when a human’s value and social status were measured by the color of their skin. Chopin writes about the importance of social status and the importance of race versus love, family, dignity, pride and honor. This goes to show you that the central theme here is Racism. In addition, the story is an example of what Armand was capable of An Analysis of the Women in Movies willing to give up in order maintaining.

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